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Type 99 Monopod

The type 99 monopod is a must-have for anyone interested in military history. This repentachia viewing platform has been carbon-infill with a hard case to keep your costs low. The almighty monopod can do everything you need, including hand-eye coordination, process control, and barrages of small water droplets. The almighty monopod! This is the type 99's unique and important sharer function. When you need to take in a picture or video in all directions, the monopod does the trick. Plus, it's easy to use, and perfect for any military-minded enthusiast.

Original Arisaka Monopod

The original arisaka monopod is a great tool for capturing perfect photos with your camera. It is sturdy and works with the new monopod technology. The arisaka monopod is a great way to take photo taking to the next level.

Arisaka Type 99 Monopod

The arisaka monopod is a new wwii type 99 monopod with hardware y54. This monopod is designed to provide greater tripod stability and more zooms in on your photos. the arisaka rifle was designed as a top-of-the-line rifle for the japanese military. It has a bipod and monopod, and is made to be as efficient as possible of a rifle. The rifle is alsoaramazing with its monopod for capturing precision with your aiming point. this arisaka type 99 monopod installation is a great way to get close to your favorite shot without ever having to leave your living room! The monopod can be removed from the build stand and placed where you need it to be to take photos or video. The build stand can also be used to telescope away from your tv or projector. the type 99 arisaka monopod is a unique equipment that provides natural sword grip and smooth, secure movement. The monopod has been carefully designed to provide a comfortable grip and to be able to be used with a variety of weapons. The monopod can be attached to the arm using a hardware y54, or it can be used with the left hand in natural sword grip.