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Primos Trigger Stick Short Monopod

The Primos Trigger Stick is a new monopod system from the brand, this system is designed to make it facile for outdoor enthusiasts to take their triggers apart and place them back together again easily. The Trigger Stick is a Short scabbard that holds your Trigger sticks in the correct position.

Primos Monopod

The Primos Trigger Stick is a splendid alternative to keep your shooting experience as close to normal as possible, with its monocular viewfinder and lenient trigger, the Primos monopod is excellent for first timers or experts who covet to create a custom shooting environment. The monopod gives an easy-to-use Trigger that makes using your camera facile and straightforward, the features include: a built-in focus finder; a built-in ir filter; and a built-in camera. The is a Trigger Stick made from heavy-duty plastic, it's designed to keep you precise and when you're taking your catches to the next level. The Trigger Stick is available in two forms - one is the traditional black, and the other is white, the white form also includes a black mil-spec Trigger housing. Both the black and the white forms include a black/gray mil-spec Trigger housing, this Trigger Stick is Short enough for basic Trigger pulls and long enough to provide better strength and control when shooting more complex models.