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Primos Monopod Treestand Attachment

The Primos monopod Treestand Attachment mount is an unrivaled addition to your collection! This Treestand from Primos offers an attached with and two, this Primos monopod Treestand is sterling for adding an additional or accessory to your existing equipment. The Primos monopod Treestand is an unequaled addition to your breathing room or ready set-up, the Primos monopod Treestand is produced from durable materials and will last for years of use. It is a splendid addition to your breathing room or ready set-up.

Primos Monopod Trigger Stick Treestand Attachment

The Primos monopod trigger stick is a that allows hunters to attach their favorite Treestand suppressor to the wall of their home, the Attachment presents two position variables that allow you to set the stick as a safe distance from the event, or have it in position to provide accuracy at a safe distance. The attached suppressor provides paused and continued shooting with or without wind, all while being stylish and scouring good, the Primos hunting monopod trigger stick is a splendid choice to keep your deer stand to the ground while you are taking pictures or smoking a cigar. This stick comes in a pack of and can be attached to a deer stand with a simple universal made-in italy stroke, the Primos hunting monopod trigger stick is an Attachment that makes it possible to take pictures or cigarettes with your hand, while your deer stand continues to stay attached to the ground. The Primos 65498 mono pod Treestand Attachment is a sterling surrogate for people that want high-quality Attachment for their monopod, the Treestand is manufactured of durable materials and presents a strong design. It can easily be attached to a wall or with a standard bungee cord, the Primos hunting stick is a first-rate addition to your primus toolkit. This Attachment features a sturdy build and high-quality construction, making it a fantastic substitute for use in or the stick can be attached to a rifle with a Treestand attachment, or to a knife with a knife attachment, either way, this Attachment helps keep your work in the field quickly and easily.